Top 7 expensive food in the world: Taco for $25,000

Pizza with gold trimmings or a taco with caviar and fine Kobe beef – anything goes with luxury dining. ATopTens introduces you to the most expensive dishes in the world. Mexican chef Juan Licerio Alcalá has created what is probably the most expensive taco in the world. Licerio is the executive chef at the luxury resort…

Pizza with gold trimmings or a taco with caviar and fine Kobe beef – anything goes with luxury dining. ATopTens introduces you to the most expensive dishes in the world.

Mexican chef Juan Licerio Alcalá has created what is probably the most expensive taco in the world. Licerio is the executive chef at the luxury resort Grand Velas Los Cabos in the Mexican state of Baja, California. “People are excited and a little surprised at how you can eat a $25,000 taco when there’s something like that on the street for 10 pesos,” the chef said. This means that the taco costs about as much as a very well-equipped car in the compact class.

The tortilla snack is not for the careless cravings because the dough is filled with exquisite ingredients such as shrimp, outrageously expensive Kobe beef and Alma’s beluga caviar, black truffles, and gold flakes. The whole thing is spiced with smoked and dried jalapeno chilies and a special coffee brand, which is also called “cat coffee.”

Nothing works without a deposit.

Before the first bite, half is due as a deposit and proof that the Presidential Suite has been booked. However, the pure curiosity of the guests is apparently greater than their appetite: the snack that has been on the menu for a week has not yet been ordered, admitted Juan Licerio Alcalá.

7 most expensive food in the world

Pizza for almost 2000$

Pizza for almost 2000$

Pizza is available in New York for as little as one dollar – but also for 2,000. For example, the pizza called “24K” in the “Industry Kitchen” restaurant costs the equivalent of around 1,880 euros. But there is no such thing as a simple Margherita: the luxury variant is topped with truffles, Stilton cheese from England, foie gras from France, caviar from the Caspian Sea, edible flowers, and 24-karat gold leaves from Ecuador.

Located near Wall Street, the restaurant aims to reflect the area’s wealthy clientele. “24K” must be ordered two days in advance. Less than 20 have been sold since it appeared on the restaurant’s menu two months ago.

Grapes for 10,500 dollars

Grapes for 10,500 dollars

Fresh fruit is often a prestige object in Japan. Customers pay enormous sums for it, as an auction in July 2016 showed. The bundle of the “Ruby Romans” variety, which was auctioned for 10400$, only has 30 grapes – a single one is worth 350$. This is a new record, making these grapes the most expensive grapes in the world. The berries are also the size of table tennis balls. The Japanese often give away precious fruit. The first crop specimens sell for record sums, making headlines in the Japanese newspapers and bringing great prestige to the owners.

The new owner and shop owner, Takamaru Konishi, is also counting on this. “We will display the grapes in our shop – and then give them to our customers to taste,” he told Japanese media. In any case, expensive grapes should not be missing from the most expensive dishes in the world.


Kobe beef bagel

Kobe beef bagel

This also applies to the special bagels of a bachelor party. These are topped with original Japanese Kobe beef by a butcher from Mönchengladbach. The price per patty: is 137.80 euros. At the barbecue in the groom’s garden, 15 guests will enjoy the luxury bagels worth 2067 euros. Cheers! This makes the bagel from Mönchengladbach the most expensive in Germany.

The most expensive bagel in the world comes from New York. This is topped with truffles, goji berries, and gold leaf. Guests at the Westin Grand Hotel can enjoy the deluxe bagel for around 750 euros.

Probably the most expensive popcorn

most expensive popcorn

Do you want to tune your next visit to the cinema? Then plan a little more money for food. How about “Berco’s Popcorn,” which is caramelized with sugar, fine Vermont butter, and arguably the best vanilla in the world from Nielsen-Massey? Additionally, the cute pops are plated with 23k gold. The small bag of “Billion Dollar Popcorn” (“One Billion Dollar Popcorn”) fits around 3.8 liters and costs the equivalent of 237$. But if your companion wants to have a snack with you, you might need the 25-liter bucket. It then costs around 900 euros.

Sinfully sweet

expensive Sugar

Even a single piece of sugar that contains small dried flowers, silver, and gold particles can sometimes be quite expensive: the “Premium Luxury Sugar” made in Zurich is probably the most expensive sugar in the world at 18$ per piece.

Luxury sugar should also be used stylishly: Why not sweeten a cup of tea from the Chinese businessman An Yanshi with it? He fertilizes his tea plants with panda dung and wants to achieve a special aroma with it. A pound of tea costs 26000$.

Even a simple salad can become an expensive treatment with a few drops of the valuable Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale “Millesimato Ginepro”: 100 milliliters of the 80-year-old vinegar costs almost 477$.

“La Bonnotte” potato

La Bonnotte potato

If you like it a little more hearty meal, you might choose a potato dish instead of a salad. A very special tuber is the French “La Bonnotte” potato. It is grown on the Atlantic island of Noirmoutier and is said to have a unique creamy taste. A kilogram of the most expensive potato variety in the world costs 485$.

A scoop of ice cream for dessert? But then, please, not just any water full of vanilla-chocolate-strawberry monotony. Befitting their status, millionaires in Dubai eat the “Black Diamond” for 763$. It contains vanilla from Madagascar, the world’s most expensive saffron from Iran, black truffle, and – oh yes – 23-carat gold leaf.

The golden cheese “Clawson White Stilton Gold Cheese” comes from the county of Leicestershire in England. Decorated with edible gold flakes and soaked in golden liqueur, the cheese has a very special shine. Customers paid 75$ for 100 grams. A perhaps unique experience – because the manufacturer no longer offers the gold cheese.

Expensive delicacies from Japan

fugu fish

A specialty from Japan is the fugu fish. It may only be prepared and served by specially trained chefs; otherwise, it can be fatal. If you want to eat it without risk, you pay the price: 265$ for one kilogram of the dangerous fish.

Matsutake mushrooms

Matsutake mushrooms also come from Japan. For more than 1000 years, they have been valued here as a remedy and culinary ingredient. Unfortunately, this variety is hard to find and is said to taste like cinnamon. For a kilogram, you pay 2112$.

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The most expensive food in the world Taco for $25,000

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