About Us

ATopTens is a blogging site that is focused on creating high quality top lists. With the aim of aiding you in your gaming troubles, providing information/entertainment about TV shows or an easier method of entering a new hobby!

I am Bram, the creator of this website. I have loved top 10 lists since I first found the internet back in 2000.

By nature, I’ve been gaming since I was a kid. From that first time I booted up Quake on the Nintendo 64, I just fell in love.

Now I’ve played hundreds of games. Most of which I’ve completed, and reach relatively high ranks on competitive ladders for many of those games.

You won’t find more helpful, straight-up, fact-based guides and top lists on the internet!

For the more subjective lists, it does come down to my opinion but I do my research on other people’s opinions (such as Steam discussions and subreddits) to find what is the general consensus.

On ATopTens.com, you will also find Top Lists about Travel, sports and other fields in this life, all well researched

I run this site on my own, with some friends occasionally writing a list or two. 

Enquiries regarding advertising, guest posts or link swapping will be ignored. As I am happy with the current set-up.