The wait for the next trip can sometimes become unbearable. But, as with most worries, one thing certainly helps with wanderlust: food! With these recipes from someone else’s kitchen, you can bring your favorite travel destinations into your own four walls in no time.

The next holiday is still a long way off. To escape your daily routine, you regularly catch yourself clicking through dreamy travel videos? How about dreaming about other countries for a change by cooking different dishes from all over the world

International food trends are often easier to cook than to say when ordering. I’ve picked out seven dishes from all over the world that you should try for yourself this year if you’re feeling wanderlust. I promise you that this method works because, after all, it is not for nothing that they say “the way to the heart is through the stomach”!

The most delicious dishes from all over the world

Authentic Mexican tacos

Say goodbye to the tacos you know from the fast food chains. You can look for a long time in restaurants in Central America for what is often sold to you as “typically Mexican” here in Germany. If you visit a Mexican party, you will encounter the grandfather of finger food: soft cornmeal tortillas filled with braised beef or minced meat, a good portion of onions, and homemade salsa. If you want to stay away from the American counterpart, then stay away from sour cream, cheese, or chicken. A true Mexican wouldn’t put these on their tacos. Instead, devote more of his precious time to the salsa, which can do well with a good portion of jalapeños. Sprinkle some cilantro on top, fold up and enjoy. When you cook with fresh ingredients, “fast food” has a whole new meaning!

1 Authentic Mexican tacos

A Greek dream from the oven

Would you like to spend a few extra minutes in the kitchen to create something elaborate for your loved ones? Then I challenge you to try a moussaka. You can find the casserole in every traditional Greek restaurant on the menu – the special feature is that grilled aubergine is always part of it. If you ever get tired of good old lasagna, it’s not a bad idea to spice things up. Fry the eggplant with olive oil, as well as the minced meat. The whole thing is refined with tomatoes, onions, and garlic and finally rounded off with a thick layer of bechamel sauce and some cheese. Put it in the oven, and the finished Greek casserole is ready. Can you already hear the waves pounding the shore?

2 A Greek dream from the oven

Curry, curry, curry

What would Thai cuisine be without its wide range of curries? The dish is not only incredibly versatile, so you can choose the ingredients according to your gut feeling, but also super healthy! Thus, the vegans, vegetarians, and meat junkies among you get their money’s worth. In addition, it is inexpensive, quick to prepare, and brings a touch of Bangkok to your terrace.

3 Curry, curry, curry

Cold soup from Spain

Even the biggest soup lover is always looking for an alternative, given the summer temperatures. However, this is not necessary at all because you can also enjoy cold soups with confidence. The traditional Spanish cuisine that has served gazpacho for years is proof of this. Believe it or not, it is a completely undercooked dish that could just as easily pass as a veggie smoothie. Simply use the following ingredients: cucumber, paprika, tomato, onion, garlic with olive oil, white wine vinegar, and, if necessary, some soaked white bread for pureeing. Season with Tabasco and salt and garnish with croutons and diced vegetables for the perfect Instagram shot. Voilà – the summery soup is ready, which proves to be a little savior during every heat wave.

4 Cold soup from Spain

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Pizza – only better

The Americans are notorious for their comfort food: it has to be greasy, sugary, and, above all, delicious! So, if you throw a little TV evening and don’t just want to offer your friends the usually frozen pizza this time, you should learn a little trick from American cuisine. After all, a plain Italian-style pizza can get boring, so why not take advantage of the crispy pizza crust and fill it with cheese? Maybe you’ll get the friends around that usually leave the rim on the plate. It would definitely be worth a try, right?

5 Pizza - only better

Even closer to the Middle East

How about some Middle Eastern food inspiration? Shakshuka is a North African dish and is considered the national dish of Israel. Especially since Dr. Shakshukagained notoriety in Tel Aviv through Tim Mälzer, the delicious meal has also become a hit in Germany. But have you ever thought about making a shakshuka yourself? It’s actually not that difficult. Of course – as with any dish – it is always a question of subtleties to make a dish special. The same here: Preparing a tomato sauce sounds easy, but it all depends on the right seasoning. In addition, the rest of the ingredients, especially the egg, should also be added at the right time. Apart from that, you don’t need much more than the classic ingredients such as oil, salt, and garlic. The chili powder brings the spiciness; chop a little paprika and tomatoes – that’s it.

6 Even closer to the Middle East

Italy knows what Dolce Vita is

In addition to highlights from the world of pizza and pasta, a visitor to Italy cannot ignore the dessert menu. Which dessert has conquered the hearts of all foodies for decades? Of course , tiramisu ! Classic, simple, and yet elaborate enough to draw appreciative looks from family and friends. The main ingredients include a large portion of biscuit biscuits, mascarpone, raw cocoa powder, espresso, egg yolk, and – we are finally moving into dessert territory – sugar. Alternately layer ladyfingers dipped in espresso and mascarpone whipped with the egg yolk and sugar – mmmm. Then generously sprinkle with cocoa powder – heavenly! Now you know what dreams are made of!

7 Italy knows what Dolce Vita is

How was the culinary trip around the world?

I hope you enjoyed the journey into the different culinary worlds. Just click on the individual recipes and bring the world home! If you have any other ideas for great dishes, then feel free to share them with other readers in the comments below.

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