English sports are now very popular and are increasingly being practiced in Germany. Some of these sports are even becoming very popular and are very well known and respected in other european countries. Check out this post for more information about popular sports from England.

1. Cricket

Cricket is played in most Commonwealth countries, especially during the summer months. In some countries, Cricket is considered a national sport. The game is a so-called ball game. Two teams compete against each other. The pitcher tries to force the batsman from the opposing team into a mistake. This removes him from the game. The batsman, on the other hand, tries to bat the ball away to score important points. The thrower is supported in his actions by the rest of the team. They try to bring the ball back as quickly as possible.

Important facts and figures about the most popular sport in Britain:

The cricket field is 20.12 meters long and 3.05 meters wide. Cricket is not so well known in Germany; there aren’t many professional clubs that compete in a multi-pronged federal league. According to our research, Germany is currently 42nd in the cricket world rankings in Europe.

2. Football

Football is not only popular in Germany but also in the UK. In England, there is a large fan scene and one of the most famous leagues in the world with well-known clubs. The world’s first official football club was founded in Sheffield, England. To this day, soccer (what it’s called in the USA) is very popular. England is known all over the world for its footballers and famous clubs.

Soccer is no less well-known and popular in Germany. Meanwhile, there are also numerous clubs that are known in Europe and the world. For many Germans, soccer is one of the most well-known sports. Many leagues, from amateurs to professionals, are based in Germany.

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3. Tennis

Tennis is a so-called racquet game. Tennis is now known all over the world. A wide variety of tournaments are held around the world. Tennis is still popular in both England and Germany and is played in many clubs.

Tennis is a sport practiced in many parts of the world. Tournaments like the US Open, the Davis Cup, or the Australian Open are world-famous. However, a tournament is legendary in tennis. When it comes to Wimbledon, not only everyone in England knows that tennis is involved.

4. Rugby

Rugby is a typical English sport, which also has its origins in the country. It is a popular team sport. Alongside football, rugby is just as popular in England. In the meantime, there are also various clubs in Germany, although the sport is not quite as popular and widespread in this country.

The aim of the game is to get the ball past the opposing team. This scores points. Kicking the ball is also possible. There are different variations of the game in rugby. The ball may only be thrown backward or passed with the hand.

5. Horse racing

Horse racing not only has a long tradition in England. In Germany, as well as in England, there are still various horse races at well-known and traditional locations. St. Leger Stakes is particularly well known in England. Horse races have been held at this legendary racecourse since 1776.

Horse racing also involves betting on the winner. For many people, this is what makes it so appealing. Over the decades, horse racing has therefore become particularly popular, especially for wealthy people. To this day, horse racing is a special social event, both in England and Germany.

English sports with balls

  • bowls
  • billiards
  • bowling

English sports with a ball

  • basketball
  • Soccer
  • tennis

English sports with a racket

  • tennis
  • cricket
  • golf


There is a diverse sports landscape in England. England already has a long tradition in many different sports. However, many sports have also been adopted by other countries. Cricket is particularly popular in England. This sport is considered a national sport and was invented in England. There are numerous cricket clubs in the country.

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