Unleashing Your Inner Luck: How 13 Crystals Can Help You, According to Experts

Unlocking luck in love, finances, and life in general is a desire shared by many. Crystals offer a fascinating approach to attracting good fortune, and understanding their individual properties and how to utilize them is the key to harnessing their potential. In this guide, crystal experts have curated a selection of the top 13 crystals…

Unlocking luck in love, finances, and life in general is a desire shared by many. Crystals offer a fascinating approach to attracting good fortune, and understanding their individual properties and how to utilize them is the key to harnessing their potential.

In this guide, crystal experts have curated a selection of the top 13 crystals renowned for their luck-bringing abilities, along with tips on how to effectively use them to manifest positive energy in your life.

Crystal Clear Quartz

crystals for luck

Known as a master crystal, clear quartz possesses a translucent, nearly white appearance. This silica mineral can be found in various regions worldwide, with notable mining areas including the USA, the Alps, and Brazil. Ashley Leavy, the founder and educational director of the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy, describes clear quartz as a versatile crystal capable of amplifying any specific intention programmed into it. Its properties include attracting positivity, repelling negativity, clearing the mind, and balancing the crown chakra.


crystals for luck

The Confidence Booster Citrine, a variation of quartz, is widely distributed across the globe, with significant deposits found in Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, Madagascar, Kazakhstan, and more. Yulia van Doren, author of “Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing” and founder of Goldilocks, recognizes citrine as an excellent crystal for enhancing self-confidence, fostering a positive mindset, and improving focus. It is believed to energize dreams, goals, and willpower, making it a powerful ally in your pursuit of success.

Tiger’s Eye

crystals for luck

Courage and Protection Tiger’s eye, another quartz variety, showcases distinctive brown and orange hues and a striped pattern. This stone can be found in Australia, Brazil, South Africa, and the United States. Heather Askinosie, crystal expert and founder of Energy Muse, affirms that tiger’s eye possesses qualities of courage, protection, creativity, and luck. By working with this crystal, you can tap into its motivating energies, empowering yourself with confidence to overcome challenges and move forward in life.

Green Jade

Green Jade

The Symbol of Prosperity Green jade has a rich history in Chinese culture as a symbol of luck and wealth. Revered for centuries, it promotes harmony and prosperity. Crystal expert Kalisa Augustine notes that jade’s calming influence during turbulent times also makes it ideal for attracting financial abundance. Additionally, spiritual author Emma Mildon suggests green jade as a stone to aid in finding love and reentering the dating scene.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

The Opportunistic Crystal Mainly found in India, green aventurine is a translucent quartz that is closely associated with good luck. Its energetic properties are said to attract wealth, enhance success in games, and bring unexpected windfalls. Harness the opportunistic energies of green aventurine to welcome abundance into your life.


crystals for luck

Luck and Communication Turquoise, a light blue mineral, is formed when rocks absorb specific minerals like copper and aluminum. Turquoise deposits can be found in regions such as Arizona, Nepal, and Tibet. With its long-standing reputation as a symbol of good luck, this stone holds immense value. It aids in communication, enhances intuition, promotes emotional healing, and facilitates relaxation and meditation.


crystals for luck

Ignite Your Inner Flames Carnelian, a vibrant reddish-orange variation of chalcedony, possesses powerful energizing properties. Van Doren explains that carnelian crystals can ignite your inner fires, helping you achieve your goals with courage and fearlessness. Satya Scainetti, a crystal expert and the founder of Satya Jewelry, adds that carnelian also provides protection, stability, and vitality.

Rose Quartz

crystals for luck

Love and Harmony Rose quartz, found in various regions worldwide including the U.S.A., India, Brazil, Australia, and Sweden, derives its name from its pinkish hue. Askinosie’s website describes rose quartz as equally potent for manifesting new and deeper relationships with oneself, romantic partners, family, and friends. If you’re seeking more love and luck in your life, rose quartz comes highly recommended.


crystals for luck

Grounding and Passion Garnet, a silicate mineral available in various colors (though red is the most common), serves as a grounding stone and brings luck on journeys. This crystal helps identify obstacles hindering your passion, reminding you that true passion arises from within. By shifting your mindset, garnet aids in transforming your life and embracing newfound energy.


crystals for luck

Break Through Limiting Beliefs Labradorite, a type of feldspar, was named after Labrador in Canada, where it was discovered. It can also be found in Madagascar, Mexico, and Russia. Labradorite motivates individuals to overcome limiting beliefs and access higher levels of consciousness. This stone defies boundaries, encouraging you to believe in the seemingly impossible and take action to turn your dreams into reality.

Smoky Quartz

crystals for luck

Passion and Protection Smoky quartz, a variation of quartz, is renowned for grounding, passion ignition, and protection against negative energies. Reconnect with past passions and harness their energy with the assistance of smoky quartz. Kara Ladd, a meditation teacher, notes that smoky quartz played a significant role in ancient Druid ceremonies and was believed to guide souls to the afterlife while safeguarding against malevolent spirits.


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Creativity and Grounding Malachite, recognizable by its distinctive green hue, is a copper carbonate hydroxide. This mineral is primarily found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Russia, and Namibia. Leavy highlights malachite’s luck-bringing properties, attributing them to its copper content. By amplifying energy and intention, malachite acts as a potent conductor, enhancing your endeavors.

Black Tourmaline

crystals for luck

Motivation and Protection Black tourmaline, a crystalline mineral composed of boron silicate, serves as a powerful motivator and protector. Leavy suggests using black tourmaline to increase motivation and clear negative energy. It provides a shield against detrimental influences, interrupts negative thought patterns, and assists in ushering positive energy into your life.

How to Utilize Crystals for Luck Enhancement?

While crystals themselves cannot magically bestow luck, they can serve as powerful tools in creating your own luck. Consider the following approaches to maximize their potential:

  1. Keep them close: Carry your crystal with you throughout the day, whether in your pocket or purse. Its presence will serve as a touchstone, reminding you of its energy and supporting you in your endeavors.
  2. Create crystal grids: Explore the world of crystal grids, which involve arranging crystals in specific geometric patterns to enhance their properties. By combining your lucky crystals in a grid, you can amplify their luck-bringing effects for various aspects of your life, such as love, manifestation, or general luck.
  3. Decorate your environment: Place your lucky crystals strategically around your home or workspace. Position them prominently to serve as visual reminders of the continuous presence of good luck in your surroundings. For example, consider placing a rose quartz crystal on your nightstand or a carnelian stone in your kitchen, or even adorning your desk with jade.
  4. Spell jars: Experiment with creating spell jars, which involve combining spiritual items to enhance specific intentions or spells. To attract more luck, include oregano and your favorite lucky crystals. You may also add other items associated with luck. Seal the jar and pair it with an affirmation like “Luck always comes to me.”
  5. Meditate with crystals: Engage in meditation practices while holding your lucky crystals. This allows you to tap into their properties and benefit from their energies. Askinosie suggests a simple affirmation meditation, holding the crystal in your non-dominant hand while repeating positive affirmations such as “I am fortunate,” “Luck surrounds me,” or “I create my luck.”


In conclusion, crystals themselves are not the source of luck, but they serve as inspirational and motivational tools. They can also shield you from negative energies, allowing you to shape your own fortune. Embrace the power of crystals, let them inspire you, and utilize their protective properties to create positive change in your life.

crystals for luck

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