20 countries where football (soccer) is very popular

Football (Soccer) is a popular sport in nearly every country, but there are certain countries that love it more than others.  These 20 countries are where soccer is very popular. 1. Brazil Brazil is often the first country that pops up when people think of countries obsessed with soccer. First, the men’s national team of Brazil is…

Football (Soccer) is a popular sport in nearly every country, but there are certain countries that love it more than others. 

These 20 countries are where soccer is very popular.

1. Brazil

Brazil is often the first country that pops up when people think of countries obsessed with soccer. First, the men’s national team of Brazil is consistently ranked one of the most elite in the world. They have won the FIFA World Cup several times. Brazil has many top players, and their success is due to Brazil’s embrace of soccer and its promotion of it.

2. Germany

German’s national football team is ranked among the top five countries for winning the FIFA World Cup tournament. There are many professional and amateur leagues in Germany, with the Bundesliga at the top.

3. Italy

Italy is another country where the enthusiasm for soccer surpasses that of other sports. The Italian national team has won numerous World Cup titles and is considered one of the most successful countries. This is due to the high-quality Italian professional league, Serie A.

4. Argentina

Argentina, like many countries in South America, has a deep passion for soccer. It’s the country’s most popular sport, with many Argentinians playing soccer since they were young. The Argentinian team had won the World Cup every year since 1978, when they won their first tournament.

5. France

France is the oldest nation in Europe. There are many traditions in France’s long history, including soccer. In 1863, the French Football Federation created the first organized club. Over 2 million licenses have been issued to registered players by the French Football Federation since then. They also have significant international success, winning the FIFA World Cup several times.

6. Uruguay

Uruguayans have a long history of playing and watching soccer. British immigrants introduced soccer to Uruguay in the 19th Century. The sport’s accessibility and simplicity quickly became a hit with the nation. It is now the most loved sport in Uruguay. Uruguay’s love for soccer has certainly translated into an international success. Uruguay was the first country to win the FIFA World Cup, beating Argentina in the final.

7. England

England is the most important country responsible for the current soccer status. England first codified the rules for modern soccer in 1863. There are more than 40 000 registered clubs in England, making soccer more common than anywhere else in the world. England also boasts the oldest professional football team and the first registered football club.

1966 was the first FIFA World Cup victory for England’s national team. They beat West Germany in their home country. It is still a hugely popular sport in England today.

8. Spain

The most popular sport is soccer, closely followed by basketball and tennis. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are two of the country’s most popular professional soccer teams. Their national soccer league is also widely followed by fans all over the world.

After defeating the Netherlands in the finals, the nation was awarded its first FIFA World Cup.

9. Netherlands

Soccer is a popular sport in the Netherlands, just like in most European countries. The Netherlands’ first soccer club was founded by a 14-year-old boy called Pim Mulier in 1879. The first professional club was established a few decades later.

While the Dutch professional leagues may not be considered the best in the world, but their national team is well-respected for their consistent performances, they are not often considered to be among the most elite. They’ve been second at the World Cup as well as reaching the semi-finals in different instances.

10. Turkey

While soccer is Turkey’s most loved sport, basketball is close behind. Turkey’s history as an avid soccer fan dates back to 1875, when the first match in Turkey was held. Turkey, like many other countries, first discovered soccer from English visitors.

Although soccer is extremely popular in Turkey, it has not been as successful as other countries’ national teams.

11. Serbia

When Hugo Buli, a student from Germany, brought a soccer bat with him to Serbia in 1896. It has evolved to include numerous professional leagues as well as dozens of amateur leagues. The sport is loved by millions of people all across the country.

12. Croatia

Croatians are passionate about soccer. Croatians love soccer. Thousands participate at a professional level. Many millions watch their every move on TV and social media. The country’s love of the sport has only grown since the creation of the first professional clubs before World War I.

13. United States

Soccer is not the most popular sport in America, unlike many countries on this list. American Football holds that title, while baseball and basketball take second and third in the American popularity contest.

Despite these challenges, soccer is very popular in the United States. Millions of Americans follow Major League Soccer (MLS) as the professional league. A strong base of high school and collegiate soccer teams supports both the MLS as well as the popularity of the game.

The men’s national team has not had much success internationally, but the women’s team is among the most successful, winning numerous World Cup titles.

14. Russia

People think of Russia’s ice hockey as their first choice when it comes to sports. Ice hockey is not nearly as popular in Russia as soccer. Many Russians prefer to watch soccer over other sports.

15. South Africa

South Africa is geographically quite far from the other countries listed, but soccer is still very popular. It has surpassed cricket and rugby to take the top spot in South Africa’s consciousness.

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16. Israel

Israel is a very popular country for soccer. England is responsible for the popularity of soccer in Israel. The British ruled Mandatory Palestine from the beginning of the 1900s.

17. Portugal

Portugal’s national game is soccer. This long-standing popularity can be traced back to 1875 when English students and businessmen brought soccer to the largest cities of Portugal.

18. Mexico

When the first professional league was created in 1943, soccer popularity began to grow quickly in Mexico. Mexico has been home to many successful soccer players and has had some success on the international stage.

19. Japan

Japan joins the United States in being one of few countries where soccer does not dominate. While baseball is the most popular sport here, millions of people still follow the professional soccer leagues in Japan.

20. Australia

Australia rounds out the list, which is surprising considering that soccer is not the most widely played sport in Australia. Although cricket is the most popular sport in Australia, soccer is very popular there as well.

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20 countries where football (soccer) is very popular

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