39 nations where football (soccer) is not the most loved sport

Football (Soccer) is one of the most popular sports around the globe. It doesn’t matter where you live. There will be many people who love to watch soccer. A common misconception about soccer is that it’s the most loved sport in every country. But this is not true. There are many other sports that are more popular…

Football (Soccer) is one of the most popular sports around the globe. It doesn’t matter where you live. There will be many people who love to watch soccer.

A common misconception about soccer is that it’s the most loved sport in every country. But this is not true.

There are many other sports that are more popular than soccer, even though soccer has fans in every country. Below you will find a list of countries in which soccer is not the most popular.

39 nations where soccer is not the most loved sport

1. Japan

Japan is where the most popular sport is baseball.

Some might be surprised by this. It’s not surprising that Japan’s national soccer team has made it to round 16 in FIFA World Cup multiple times since 2002. A country that consistently makes it into the most prestigious soccer tournament on the planet must have a strong national fanbase.

It’s no surprise that soccer is popular in Japan. It’s just less popular than baseball, which was introduced to Japan in 1872. It has become a hugely popular sport and has had a strong support league for high schools.

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2. Canada Ice Hockey

Canada is not surprising, considering the number of countries listed on this list. Canada’s cold weather and abundant ice made it possible for ice hockey rises to the top of Canada’s sports hierarchy.

Ice hockey is a variant of non-ice hockey that originated in the United Kingdom. However, Canadians modified it to suit their icy climate and created the sport in the 1800s. Since then, Canadians have preferred to use skates and pucks over goals and balls.

3. Finland – Ice hockey

Finland is another country where ice hockey can thrive. The 1920s saw the establishment of the first ice hockey league. Since then, the sport has risen to the top in both TV viewership as well as game attendance.

It is so popular that the Finnish national soccer team, despite Finland having a relatively small population, is one of few international teams capable of challenging the American, Canadian and Russian players.

4. New Zealand: Rugby

It’s likely that you have heard about New Zealand at some point. This could be The Lord of the Rings, which was filmed in New Zealand. Or rugby, which is the most well-known sport in New Zealand.

Historians had traced the roots of the game’s popularity in New Zealand to the early 1900s when the first professional league was created. There is no doubt that soccer has a passionate fan base in New Zealand. However, rugby is so integral to New Zealand’s national culture that any other sport would be able to challenge it.

5. United States Football

It is not surprising that Americans are more interested in a number of sports than soccer. American football, basketball, and baseball have a larger market share than soccer.

American football is the most popular of the three. The highest average attendance for any professional sports league is the National Football League (NFL) games. Additionally, the American football championship – the Super Bowl – is one of the most-watched sporting events around the globe.

Despite the fact that soccer is not very popular, it has a strong foothold in America. Major League Soccer (MLS) is the most popular U.S. sport, with the third-highest average attendance. The popularity of soccer in high schools is also evident. Many colleges across the country offer competitive and recreational soccer teams that students can participate in.

6. Australia Rules Football

Australians, also known as Aussies, are famous for many sports. Australia is home to many popular sports, including soccer, rugby, Australian rules, and Australian football. Australia rules football holds the number one spot in terms of overall popularity.

Soccer in Australia is still very popular. There are many professional and semi-professional soccer leagues in Australia. These include the A-League (National Premier League), the National Youth League, and the A-League. The national team has enjoyed moderate success in FIFA World Cup, reaching the knockout rounds multiple times in recent history.

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7. Mongolia: Wrestling

Mongolia is an unusual country on this list. Wrestling is the most popular form of entertainment in Mongolia. Its popularity is due to Mongolian culture and history. Mongol culture, which dates back to 7000 years ago, is one of the most ancient in existence. Mongol wrestling is a great example of this.

The Three Manly Games at Naadam, an annual event that highlights Mongol wrestling, is the highlight. The festival is held over three days during the middle of summer and showcases the three most important sports in Mongol culture: archery (horseback riding), wrestling, and archery. It attracts hundreds from across the country to participate in the annual tournament. Winning is considered one of the most significant honors in Mongol society.

8. The Philippines Basketball

As you might expect, basketball ranks above soccer and many other sports as the most loved sport in the Philippines.

The primary focus of the country is the men’s basketball leagues. However, there are numerous amateur, semi-professional, and professional leagues throughout the country. The Philippines Basketball Association and ASEAN Basketball League are the two most popular leagues in the country.

Basketball was introduced to the Philippines in the American colonial era when American teachers taught the game to their students. The sport began to gain popularity in the early 1900s as women’s and men’s leagues formed. The competition also began to grow.

9. Bhutan: Archery

Another oddity on this list is Bhutan. It’s the only country in the world where archery is more loved than soccer. It’s Bhutan’s national game, so even the government considers it more important than soccer.

Just like every place in the United Kingdom has a soccer pitch, so too does every village in Bhutan. It’s very popular.

10. Guyana: Cricket

Guyana is another place where cricket is more loved than soccer. Guyana, despite its small population (less than 1,000,000 people), has hosted international cricket matches in a 15,000-capacity stadium that was built just for the Cricket World Cup.

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11. Lithuanian basketball

As the most popular sport in Lithuania, basketball is just behind soccer. Even though Lithuania has a population of only 3 million, their love for basketball has made them a regular participants in European and International competitions.

12. Austria: Skiing

Alpine skiing has become the most loved sport in Austria because of the beautiful Austrian countryside and the abundance of snowy mountains. Austrians love soccer, but the consistent cold makes it a popular sport.

13. Pakistan Cricket

Pakistan is another country that was influenced in part by British cricket’s expansion. Pakistan’s love for cricket has led to many international victories.

14. Tasmanian football

Due to Tasmania’s proximity to Australia, some cultural integration has occurred. One example is Australian rules football, which is a contact game played on a modified field.

15. Iceland: Handball

Iceland is the final country on this list. It prefers indoor handball to outdoor soccer. It is partly due to Icelandic tradition, but it almost certainly has a lot to do with the cold Icelandic winter.

More nations where Football (soccer) is not the most popular sport:

  1. Venezuela: Baseball
  2. Trinidad and Tobago: Cricket
  3. Panama: Baseball
  4. Tonga Rugby
  5. Estonia: Basketball
  6. Sri Lanka Cricket
  7. Latvia: Ice Hockey
  8. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Cricket
  9. Antigua & Barbuda: Cricket
  10. Afghanistan Cricket
  11. Nicaragua: Baseball
  12. China Basketball
  13. Nepal Cricket
  14. India Cricket
  15. Barbados: Cricket
  16. Jamaica Cricket
  17. Bangladesh: Cricket
  18. Palau: Baseball
  19. Marshall Islands Basketball
  20. Fiji: Rugby
  21. Dominican Republic: Baseball
  22. Cuban Baseball
  23. Papua New Guinea: Rugby
  24. The Bahamas: Basketball
39 nations where football (soccer) is not the most loved sport

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